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Within the In-car Space Design focus area, we aim to:

  • Offer optimized cargo space fit for various types of delivery.

  • Provide better means of in-car service.


We are looking for innovative technologies in the areas of smart cargo space, cold chain cargo, mobility space design and V2X (Vehicle to Everything).

In-car Space Design

Smart Cargo Space

  • Provide ready-to-custom flexible cargo space interior (e.g. rack, shelf, etc.) that automatically uploads cargo position/status information to warehouse management system

  • Enhances visibility to supply chain based on connectivity and loading efficiency, while maintaining a reasonable price and minimizing impact on AER (All Electric Range) using lightweight materials.

Cold Chain Cargo

  • Provide refrigerated cargo space fit for cold chain delivery, connected to in-cargo monitoring/management system to enable delivery of high-margin product (e.g. medicine, grocery).                                                                                               

  • Maintain a reasonable upfitting price and minimize impact on AER (All Electric Range), through creatives solutions such as lightweight inside sealings (* heavy refrigeration sealings often being the main cause of lower driving range). 

Mobility Space Design

  • Provide adjustable seat/compartment layout for ride-hailing vehicle that satisfies needs of various customer journey types (e.g. pooled rides, premium chauffeur services.)                        

  • Create distinguished customer experience throughout mobility trip while adhering to the regional collision/safety restrictions and maintaining reasonable price.

Vehicle to Everything (V2X)

  • Electronics that can work based on V2L of EV to enable vehicle-based service provision. Types of service is not limited; however, the technical solution should be able to cover most requirement for the service provision. (e.g. food truck – cookers/grocery storage, moving office - lightings, seats etc.).     

  • Solution should be stable and safe (e.g. robust power system) while expanding usability of vehicles to business owners within reasonable price range.

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