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Speeding Car

Within the Delivery and Logistics focus area, we aim to:

  • Improve the working environment in the logistics & delivery worksite.

  • Streamline the delivery process.

We are looking for innovative technologies in the areas of cargo scanning, loading & unloading assistance and micro last mile delivery.

Delivery & Logistics

Cargo Scanning

  • Provide means (via automation) to reduce repetitive manual work during cargo scanning process, thus reducing worker’s musculoskeletal burden and delay during loading process.

  • Enhance supply chain visibility & facilitate cargo tracking, by automatically updating cargo status when loaded to the vehicle. 

Loading/Unloading Assistance

  • Reduce the musculoskeletal burden of cargo loading/unloading process (especially heavy lifting) to prevent work-related diseases and worksite accidents. (e.g. at warehouses, delivery vehicles)

  • Open to the form of assistance; installation at warehouse/vehicle, exoskeleton for workers to wear, or standalone device, etc.

Micro Last Mile Delivery

  • Provide last mile delivery robot of micro size (not for passenger use, parcel delivery only)  for door to door delivery purpose, thus reducing staffing cost through unmanned last mile delivery

  • Open to various use cases, (e.g. secondhand deals, food delivery), but necessary functionality (e.g. security, refrigeration) per each use case should be prepared as well.

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