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The Future of Purpose Built Vehicles

As the name suggests, PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle) has a clear purpose of use. It is a means of transport that is optimized for operational use and moves passengers or cargo safely and efficiently. Thanks to rapid electrification and the development of autonomous driving technology, it is evolving into a mobility device that is more optimized for the purpose itself rather than a driver-centered vehicle. It is expanding its scope to future mobility by designing the interior space more flexibly.

 In 2020, Kia announced its mid-to-long-term future strategy, ‘Plan S,’ and declared that it would transform from an automaker to a future mobility solution provider by expanding its businesses such as electric vehicles, mobility services, and PBVs. 

For Whom?

We are searching for the best entrepreneurial technologies developed in North America.

Help us transform technology in the automotive, logistics and mobility sector.


From Pre-Seed (MVP Stage) to Scale-Ups: startup teams working on the development of novel hardware and software solutions in the automotive, logistics and mobility sector.

SMEs & Collaborators

Established SMEs in the automotive, logistics and mobility space that can contribute to the Kia’s PBV business units with existing or newly developed technologies and hardware applications.

 What’s in it for   you?

Hyundai Motor Group is offering paid PoCs, partnership with Kia in the purpose-built vehicle business (strategic funding, MoU may be offered based on the result of PoCs), as well as to gain access to our R&D resources.

Proof-of-Concept Opportunities

Initiate paid PoCs in North American region using Hyundai Motor Group’s resources and possibly with your potential customers.

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Opportunity of Project Funding

Get the opportunity to receive strategic funding for the joint development with Hyundai R&D teams.

Partnerships with Kia

Get an opportunity to become partner of Kia’s purpose built vehicle business, especially in developing PBV ecosystem in North America.

Access to R&D Resources

Access R&D and Strategic Partnerships Groups of Hyundai Motor Group for collaboration and networking.

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