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Innovation for Customer-Centered Total Solutions Starts Here. 

Purpose-Built Vehicle Open Innovation Challenge 2023

Plug and Play, Kia and Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley is driving open innovation to accelerate the development of technology that align with Kia’s Purpose-Built Vehicle business.

The Challenge

A Purpose-Built Vehicle, or PBV, is a vehicle with flexible platform with a variety of creative service solutions on board that best serve purpose of customers. We are visioning the future where with the autonomous driving onboard, PBV synergizes with air mobility, smart cities and software ecosystem.


The Purpose-Built Vehicle OI (Open Innovation) Challenge 2023, “Customer-Centric Total Mobility Solution,” is set to identify the best entrepreneurial and technological projects developed in North America in the logistics, mobility and automotive sector.

This Open Innovation Challenge targets the following three areas: 

  • Delivery  & Logistics

  • On Demand Mobility

  • In-Car Space Design

Delivery & Logistics

Within the Delivery and Logistics focus area, we aim to

  • Improve the working environment in the logistics & delivery worksite.

  • Streamline the delivery process.


We are looking for innovative technologies in the areas of cargo scanning, loading & unloading assistance, and micro last mile delivery.

Traffic Long Exposure
Auto Virtual Reality

On-demand Mobility

Within the On-demand Mobility focus area, we aim to:

  • Provide premium mobility experience of passengers. 

  • Support mobility business owners to better operate their fleet.


We are looking for innovative technologies in the areas of inclusive mobility (wheelchair accessible vehicle), passenger experience, dispatch optimization, route optimization, charging cost optimization, and customer-facing app.

In-car Space Design

Within the In-car Space Design focus area, we aim to:

  • Offer optimized cargo space fit for various types of delivery.

  • Provide better means of in-car service.


We are looking for innovative technologies in the areas of smart cargo space, cold chain cargo, mobility space design and V2X (Vehicle to Everything).

Car Interior
Speedlights in Dusk

Executive Quote

"We are glad to be setting out on the next step to sustainable mobility solution provider.
In a rapidly changing mobility environment, our key emphasis of PBV initiative rests on our valued customers.
Technology solutions from startups will help us identify our customer’s needs as well as provide optimal vehicles and solutions.

Kia will continue to further explore various voices in the market to present our PBV as the best answer to customer’s needs.”

첨부2_SVP Sangdae Kim_photo.jpg
Sangdae Kim

Senior Vice President,

Kia eLCV Division

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